Haight’s Tristan Orozco Presenting During CLM’s Claims College 2021 on September 9 – How to Take Control of Your Deposition as a Claims Professional

CLM Claims College
September 8-11, 2021
Baltimore, Maryland

Haight’s Tristan Orozco will be presenting during CLM’s Claims College on September 9, 2021. His presentation is, “How to Take Control of Your Deposition as a Claims Professional.”

Program Description

In response to policy coverage disputes, disputed or complex claims and other related issues, it is frequently requested that insurance professionals be deposed. In order to handle this responsibility, insurance professionals should acquire certain knowledge and skills pertaining to depositions. The goal of this course is to provide training to claims professionals to help them understand the purpose and role of being a witness, the uses and importance of a deposition in modern-day litigation and how the manner in which a deponent answers specific questions can affect the deponent’s ultimate performance in a deposition. This course will also provide education and training regarding how to prepare for a deposition, the “job” of the lawyer with respect to depositions and the basic principles and best practices for how to professionally handle a deposition, with specific emphasis on unique considerations for bad faith cases and depositions of 30(b)(6) witnesses. Learning these techniques will increase the insurance professional’s knowledge of depositions, which will in turn help the insurance professional avoid unfavorable testimony.

Specifically, before appearing at a deposition to give fact witness or corporate testimony, insurance professionals should learn, in the general sense, how and why depositions are conducted, as well as, specifically, how one should conduct him or herself as a deponent. An understanding of the fundamentals of a deposition and proper conduct can both improve the outcome of the issues and prevent the escalation of any issues.