Wrap It Up! Who Participates and When? CLM Annual Conference, Nashville, TN

In this session, Richard Morton and panelists will conduct an in-depth discussion of the real-life challenges of determining the primary layer of coverage in various circumstances, such as when a CCIP is in play and an owner also has a primary layer of coverage, the participation of excess carriers, when triggered, and how to gain their participation, from inception or otherwise. It will also address the issue of conflicts, including joint defense agreements, and collection of deductibles. The final issue is risk transfer, and who can it realistically be assigned to, design professionals, manufacturers, or others left behind?


  1. When initiating a coverage and claim evaluation for a WRAP case keep in mind initial considerations such as obtaining the WRAP manual and enrollee list.
  2. When dealing with cases involving WRAP policies, risk transfer options are largely non-existent such that methods used to evaluate exposure must be altered accordingly.
  3. Exclusions that are typically standard on CGL policies, such as “Your Work,” are often amended on WRAP policies. Look for coverage alterations either by separate endorsement or within the language of the policy’s WRAP endorsement.
  4. All policy terms and endorsements must be closely reviewed.
March 30, 2017