Down for the Count: Knock-Out Victory Twice Within a Week on Jennifer Saunders’ Successful Demurrer in $27M Fraud & Legal Malpractice Action

Congratulations to Jennifer Saunders for her big win today on the remaining cause of action against our client in the second chapter of the $27 million fraud and legal malpractice action on a demurrer which the court sustained without leave to amend.  The action was filed as a putative class action on behalf of 54 investors in an EB-5 project which ultimately failed, alleging that the immigration attorneys who were retained to submit the EB-5 Visa Petitions, also had a duty to investigate and advise their clients as to the viability of their investments.

After the trial court granted our client’s Special Motion to Strike (anti-SLAPP) the fraud and intentional tort causes of action, which the Court of Appeal affirmed last week, the sole cause of action against our client was for legal malpractice.  Plaintiffs filed a third amended complaint seeking to expand those claims, to which Jennifer filed a demurrer and motion to strike.  The trial court today sustained the demurrer without leave to amend, ending the case completely against our client.

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November 6, 2019