Transportation Law

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Transportation Law

The transportation industry touches every aspect of our economic life, carrying enormous quantities of goods and raw materials. Haight Brown & Bonesteel’s Transportation Law practice is a committed partner to the transportation industry. Our attorneys have extensive experience with accidents involving tractor trailers, large transports, buses, railcars, automobiles and other forms of mass transportation.

Our attorneys are actively involved in matters encompassing:

  • catastrophic loss from multiple vehicle collisions
  • wrongful death
  • serious personal injury cases
  • property damage claims

  • 24-Hour Emergency Accident Response Team
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Property Damage
  • Client Testimonials

Haight’s 24-hour emergency accident rapid-response team is another example of our commitment to the transportation industry. Accidents can happen to any company at any time. The most critical evidence and information is recovered immediately following an accident. Our “Go Team” is comprised of legal counsel, expert consultants, field adjusters, and investigators available twenty-four hours a day to respond to any transportation emergency. Upon arrival at the scene, our team will coordinate all appropriate activities and investigation attaching attorney work product and attorney client privilege to the effort.

  • make sure the appropriate local facility is located for proper drug and alcohol testing
  • interview the driver
  • control the site
  • secure evidence from the driver, witnesses, the vehicles and the site
  • work with law enforcement
  • handle the media according to company policy if requested

We understand that an immediate response is often critical to keep an unfortunate situation in control.

In addition to our reputation as a leading litigation defense firm, Haight is recognized nationally as a top insurance coverage firm. Our lawyers have represented insurance companies underwriting every type of transportation insurance from nonstandard personal lines auto to commercial interstate motor carrier fleet coverages.

Our lawyers handle transportation and trucking coverage matters, providing coverage advice and resolving claims arising out of:

  • statewide environmental claims
  • cabotage restrictions on coverage for foreign motor carriers from Canada and Mexico operating within the United States
    simple auto policy cancellation issues
  • state regulations and financial responsibility filing requirements, such as the MCS-90, Forms E and F and Owners Liability Acts
  • statutory and contractual priority disputes
  • the omnibus clause
  • indemnity and subrogation rights
  • uninsured/underinsured motorist issues and intermodal exchange agreements.

We have also offered advice to underwriters regarding proposed programs and coverages under consideration for issuance in California and have participated in the drafting of numerous policy revisions and endorsements for our commercial auto and trucking insurer clients.

Our attorneys have successfully resolved freight disputes involving damaged or delayed cargo, as well as the collection of overdue freight charges. We also work to mitigate motor carrier liability for cargo damage or loss during the various stages of commercial transportation of goods by highway. When a cargo claim occurs, it is critical to consult attorneys who understand the multitude of potential insurance issues, litigation defense strategies, case law and legislation.

“We appreciate your firm’s professionalism and approachability, genuinely like the lawyers and staff, and consider you one of our true business partners. Your work sells itself. Feel free to use that for a testimonial someplace if you’d like.” David Neumeister, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Secretary & General Counsel, HDI-Gerling America Insurance Company