Product Liability

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Product Liability

At Haight we understand that to properly defend a product manufacturer, our attorneys must have in-depth knowledge of the design, manufacturing, testing and quality control associated with a given product. Whether crawling under a railcar in a Wyoming winter to learn about brake rigging, riding all-terrain vehicles on a client’s test course, or climbing up a 100-foot crane, our attorneys learn and intimately understand the products or devices we defend.

Today’s global economy brings never before seen litigation challenges that can have devastating effects on the reputation and viability of product manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Haight’s Product Liability Practice Group is one of the most accomplished in the Western U.S. Our attorneys routinely defend Fortune 500 and international companies in high-risk, high exposure litigation involving products from a wide range of industries.

We also emphasize a “team” approach with our clients as we understand that achieving great results cannot be done without their support and involvement.

Our attorneys have been asked by clients to defend matters in 30 different states, from metropolitan areas such as New York and Philadelphia, to more rural areas in Southern Alabama and Eastern Kentucky. Our attorneys also serve as both National and Regional counsel for many of our clients.

From offices located throughout California, our attorneys defend cases in federal and state trial and appellate courts, combining a common sense approach earned through national experience with a sensitivity for local needs. When trial is unavoidable, our group draws on decades of experience with thousands of adversarial proceedings.

While we emphasize cost effective and efficient case management tailored to our client’s needs, we are always alert for reasonable settlement opportunities. But when litigation and trial are in our client’s best interests, we employ an aggressive, strategic approach to achieve the best results possible.

Attorneys in our Product Liability Practice Group have extensive experience in a wide variety of products and industries, including:

  • agricultural equipment
  • food and beverage
  • all-terrain vehicles
  • industrial machinery
  • automotive, including warranty
  • light equipment
  • aviation, including aircraft maintenance
  • medical devices
  • building materials
  • nail guns
  • construction equipment
  • personal watercraft
  • consumer products
  • power tools
  • cranes and aerial devices
  • propeller guards
  • dental devices
  • railroad cars
  • drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • snowmobiles
  • electrical products and controls
  • swimming pools and equipment
  • fire litigation, including cause & origin
  •  trucks

Attorneys in our Product Liability Practice Group also work closely with our 24-hour Response Emergency Accident Response Team.