Legal Team Examines California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Education California Turns to Gregory Rolen in Q&A

As every educator’s credentials become the lifeblood of their career, it is vital that educators who are investigated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) take the necessary steps to protect themselves. However, sometimes, the CTC’s process for alleged misconduct can be difficult to understand. In a Q&A with Education CaliforniaGregory Rolen breaks down this process.

The CTC is a California agency responsible for licensing and credentialing educators. It sends accusations of misconduct by educators to the California Committee of Credentials (COC), a disciplinary review board, who then reviews the allegations. If the COC decides to investigate, it is critical that the educator whose credentials are being called into question provides a written response rebutting or explaining the charges outlined in the investigative report, as well as determines whether they will need a legal advocate.

After its initial investigation, the COC will decide whether to move forward with a formal hearing, which consists of brief opening and closing statements made by the credential holder and a period of specific questioning by a committee of former teachers, administrators and board members. Though an attorney or advocate can be present, that person cannot obstruct the proceedings by objecting or instructing their client not to answer—they can only help guide or clarify the questioning.

Although the review process for alleged misconduct can be extensive and confusing, it is important to understand the CTC’s methodology and be prepared in case of investigation.

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September 5, 2016