Partner Greg Rolen Quoted in National Review Magazine/NR Plus Article that Discusses CA Senate Constitutional Amendment 7: “The Right to Organize and Negotiate Act”

Partner Greg Rolen was recently quoted in an article written by Will Swaim of National Review Magazine/NR Plus. The article discusses California Senate Constitutional Amendment 7 (SCA 7): “The Right to Organize and Negotiate Act” and the potential effects it may have on California’s workforce and economy as it relates to union versus non-union labor. Passage of this amendment could ultimately negatively impact the state’s housing, environmental and economic goals. Because SCA 7 proposes a change to the state constitution, it requires the approval of two-thirds of the members in each chamber before it’s placed on the statewide ballot.

Click below to access the article. Greg Rolen was quoted within the article where he says: “All civil-rights law carries with it the bludgeon of awarding attorneys’ fees to the prevailing parties,” said labor attorney Gregory Rolen, a managing partner of Haight Brown & Bonesteel and chairman of his firm’s public sector-practice group. “Practically speaking, such cases are driven less by the merits than by the specter of exorbitant fee awards.” He added: “As written, this would just create another such opportunity. The bill should be retitled ‘The Plaintiff’s Bar Formal Employment Act.’”

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June 2023