Partner Greg Rolen Responds to NBC 7 San Diego and The San Diego Union Tribune About his Superintendent Client Who Was Fired by Poway Unified School District

June 6, 2024 – Former Poway Unified Superintendent wants the court to get her job back

NBC 7 heard on Thursday from Marian Kim Phelps’ attorney Gregory Rolen, who confirmed that he planned on filing a lawsuit on behalf of his client “shortly.” He also sent along the following statement: “They knew what they were doing was wrong and they did it anyway. That’s what happens when adult politics poison a school environment.”

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June 5, 2024 – Also in a story in the San Diego Union Tribune, “Fired Poway Unified superintendent asks judge to reinstate her, block disclosure of why she was fired,” Partner Greg Rolen responded to reporters about his client’s fight to get her job back and restore her reputation. The article discusses Greg’s client and offers her side of the story. She has alleged that her firing was based on “a sham investigation” after she was accused of having harassed high school softball players because they did not clap loudly enough for her daughter at a banquet last year. Greg is quoted as saying, “They terminated her for cause without having any cause at all.” Greg also indicates in the article that his client has never received a copy of Poway Unified’s investigation. His client is preparing to file a lawsuit against the school district this month for allegedly breaching her contract and trying to destroy her career.

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