Angela Haskins Elected Chairperson of the Police Permit Review Panel

The Police Permit Review Panel is responsible for issuing and overseeing a wide variety of Police Permits for numerous types of businesses. Businesses that require permits include official police garages that contract with the City to tow vehicles at the request of the Police or Transportation Departments. Other regulated businesses include pawn shops, massage parlors, pool halls, junk dealers and security guards. The processing of these permits and the investigation of complaints related to permitted businesses is conducted by Commission Investigation Division, which is headed by a Lieutenant Commanding Officer and staffed by sworn and civilian investigators and clerical staff.

The Police Permit Review Panel was created through a change in the Los Angeles Municipal Code in 1992. The Panel is a subsidiary of the Board of Police Commissioners, and its purpose is to approve most types of police permits, rule on cases involving the discipline or revocation of police permits, approve stipulations in the settlement of disciplinary cases, and review and approve conditions placed on new and existing police permits.

The Panel members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.