Food Safety

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Food Safety

New Federal legislation regarding food safety only underscores the reality of the enhanced exposure food purveyors are facing today.

Haight is dedicated to building long term relationships with product manufacturers and distributors. We offer advice on best practices to prevent claims and experienced lawyers who will artfully defend adulterated food lawsuits. For over 20 years, we have been involved in the defense of adulterated food cases. As science and technology have evolved, our attorneys have kept abreast of food safety issues to ensure we are able to provide the best defense.

Our attorneys have experience with cases involving allegations of:

  • foreign objects in food,
  • foodborne illness cases involving individuals, and
  • outbreaks involving multiple exposures to toxins in food

In the Food Safety Litigation Practice Group, we have assembled an interdisciplinary team of experienced trial attorneys specializing in products liability and health sciences. We have been particularly effective in successfully litigating complex food illness issues and extricating our clients from litigation. While we keep an eye open for reasonable settlement opportunities, if litigation is the client’s best alternative, we employ an aggressive, strategic approach to achieve the best possible results. Moreover, we offer cost-effective representation.

At Haight, our experience has taught us to leverage technology to manage data in user-friendly ways that maximizes coordination of multi-party complex matters and simplifies the information retrieval process necessary to manage national outbreak claims.

Representative Experience:

  • Represented food manufacturer in 2002 outbreak of E. Coli 0157:H7 associated with barbecued beef in California
  • Represented food manufacturer in 2008 outbreak of E. Coli 0157:H7 associated with tri-tip in California
  • National Coordinating counsel for a defendant in the 2011 literiosis outbreak associated with cantaloupe
  • Assisted in risk transfer and PR management during a 2012 listeriosis outbreak associated with onions
  • National coordinating counsel for a defendant in the 2014 listeriosis outbreak associated with apples
  • Partnering with food flavoring client to manage all diacetyl litigation associated with microwave popcorn

To access information about important Food Safety websites for the CDC and FDA and information regarding foodborne illnesses and what you need to know, please click on Haight’s Food Safety Lunch Box below.

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