Confidential Settlement – Claims of Elder Abuse; Wrongful Death; Violation of Resident’s Bill of Rights; and Punitive Damages

Decedent (84) was admitted to defendant’s long term care facility following a stroke.  Decedent suffered an unwitnessed fall, was transported to ER the following day where he was diagnosed with two fractured ribs and a pneumothorax.  He expired twelve days thereafter.  Ms. Haskins worked to develop a rapport with counsel for plaintiffs, a well-respected elder law lawyer.  In spite of the effect of the pandemic on the legal system, Ms. Haskins informally gathered enough documentation to properly evaluate the matter.  With an uncertain future on the horizon for both the plaintiffs and the defendant, Ms. Haskins was able to negotiate a confidential settlement within the restricted and declining policy limits available to the defendant.

August 2020