Cybersecurity: What’s a Family Lawyer to Do? – Family Lawyer Magazine

The legal profession has been adapting to technology by becoming “paperless” through the use of various types of devices and software. In her Family Lawyer Magazine article “Cybersecurity: What’s a Family Lawyer to do?” Partner Jennifer Saunders outlines the obligations every family lawyer needs to consider to reasonably safeguard a client’s personal data.

The article outlines three core areas attorneys must be aware of related to computer-generated or stored information: obtaining credit card information for payments; ethical obligations in using electronic devices; and notifications.

Saunders explains that lawyers must be cognizant of the level of security of their technology and examine the potential impact of an inadvertent disclosure of a client’s privileged or confidential information. Limiting the use of public Wi-Fi, wiping mobile devices and educating individuals who have access to a shared computer system are all good practices. Lastly, Saunders explains that securing insurance coverage in case of a data breach is critical to every lawyer’s future business and career.

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September 30, 2016