Dismissal – Claims of Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice

Decedent, a 73 year old woman, was afflicted with a wide variety of chronic health issues for which she was non-compliant with medication and treatment recommendations.  In the latter part of 2020, during the resurgence of COVID, she was admitted to defendant’s hospital where she was thoroughly worked up and surgery was recommended.  She refused surgery and was therefore discharged to a Skilled Nursing Facility for non-surgical treatment with long term antibiotics administered through a PICC line.  More than two weeks after discharge from defendant’s hospital, decedent expired at another facility.  The Complaint filed by decedent’s adult daughter named ten (10) defendants.  Ms. Haskins engaged in extensive meet and confer efforts along with aggressive law and motion to ultimately obtain a dismissal of her hospital client.

November 2023