Haight Sponsors Jetty Kids Annual Surf Contest on September 9, 2023

Haight is thrilled to sponsor the 26th Annual Jetty Kids Surf Contest. This is the largest free surf contest in the United States with surfers as young as two years old. The event has inspired thousands of kids to surf just for the fun of it. During the event, a special division for 2-7 years olds will have over 75 eager participants.

THEIR STORY. The Jetty Kids Surf Contest started 26 years ago to memorialize Mission Beach surfer Keith Noel. Noel grew-up in South Mission where he surfed from a young age and was known as “The Jetty Kid.” He traveled, surfed, and owned a vintage Hawaiian shirt shop in Mission Beach.

Noel never had much money but lived the surfing life-style with plenty of surfing and lots of friends. Later in life he received a sizeable inheritance but shortly thereafter contracted a terminal illness. He wanted to do something that left a legacy of the thing that brought him so much joy. He donated a large part of his estate to put on a yearly surf contest for kids, called “The Jetty Kid.”

Over the years the contest grew from a handful to 250 entries. There is a seven and under division where all the contestants get a trophy for just participating. The 8-16 features 6 divisions for both boys and girls with trophies. The all day raffle has all the contestants winning something from a surfboard to surf gear. Free food and drinks are provided for both parents and kids.

The contest enters its 26st year as one of the largest community events in Mission Beach. It has kids for all the local beach communities of Mission, Pacific, La Jolla, O.B. and as far as North County. Kids, parents, family and friends get to spend the day together enjoying the beach, surf, and each other. It’s just the kind of day Noel always treasured.