Health Care Reform Behind Closed Doors: Michael Parme Authors Daily Journal Article

Behind closed doors, Senate aides work furiously on a piece of legislation that will potentially define the trajectory of health care for the next generation of Americans. Despite its potential impact on millions of Americans and the national economy, there appears to be no plan to bring the legislation to the Senate floor for a debate, nor to any committee for hearing.

In his Daily Journal article “Health Care Reform Behind Closed Doors,” Partner Michael Parme discusses partisan opposition within the Senate, missed signals from the White House and what to expect from the Senate health care bill.

“For those hoping for a health care bill significantly different than the House bill, they are likely to be disappointed. In the end, it is likely that the Senate bill will resemble the House bill,” wrote Parme. “Republicans have been promising to repeal the ACA for so long, and legislation that is out of sync with the House proposal might doom the health care repeal and reform movement.”

Additionally, once passed by the Senate, the bill would need to be passed by both the House and the Senate in a Conference Committee. “Given the delicate compromises that eventually led to the AHCA’s approval in the House, Senate Republicans are unlikely to deviate too far from substantive concepts [to] avoid the risk of alienating key votes in the House,” Parme added.

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June 16, 2017