Jury Returns Favorable Verdict in Trucking Case

On May 29, 2024, Annette Mijanovic and Jaynee Mathis obtained a favorable verdict in an auto vs. truck action filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Plaintiff Nerses Abrahamyan filed suit against defendant truck driver Gurjinder Singh Dhaliwal and his employer, SD Trucks, LLC.

The action involved a collision that happened on I-5 in Los Angeles. Plaintiff claimed that Dhaliwal made a lane change and collided with plaintiff’s 2020 Mercedes. Plaintiff alleged injuries to his neck and low back. At first, plaintiff received conservative treatment, but he eventually underwent a cervical disc replacement, which he attributed to the collision. He incurred approximately $400,000 in lien-based treatment and he claimed a second surgery was needed in the future.

Before trial, plaintiff demanded the policy limits twice and defendants issued a statutory offer for $175,000. Plaintiff asked the jury for $1.6 million.

After a 9 day trial, the jury deliberated for a full day and returned a verdict for plaintiff in the amount of $70,000. Since defendants beat their statutory offer, and the recoverable costs will exceed the damages award, a monetary judgment will be entered in defendants’ favor.


May 29, 2024