Event Chairperson & Moderator – Legal Series: Product Liability for 2014 and Beyond LIVE Webcast, The Knowledge Group

During this two-hour live webcast, the panelists moderated by William “Skip” O. Martin, Jr. of Haight Brown & Bonesteel, discussed the significant and latest issues on product liability for 2014 and beyond. Key issues covered by the webcast included:

  • Product liability risks of CPSA Section 15 reporting requirements
  • A primer on component part supplier liability
  • Restatement 2nd vs. Restatement 3d approaches/key differences
  • Trends in component part supplier cases
  • Insider view of the landmark case on component part supplier doctrine:  Aubin v. Union Carbide Corporation (pending decision from Florida Supreme Court)
  • Navigating the widening intersection between government investigations and product liability litigation
  • Trends in the use of consolidated proceedings to manage federal and state product liability litigation
  • Broad trends in consumer class action settlements across allegations
  • Focus on product liability class settlements
  • Use of economics/statistics to estimate potential damages in product liability or mass tort cases
September 29, 2014