Navigating Localized Safety Concerns, AHLA Safety and Security Committee Meeting

Partner Philip McDermott spoke at the bi-annual AHLA Safety and Security Committee Meeting on a panel called “Navigating Localized Safety Concerns” to provide a legal perspective to hospitality industry leaders on the committee.

Program Description

The safety and security of both employees and guests is a paramount concern in the hospitality industry. The panel addressed some of the key, salient modern issues facing the security teams of hotels and other lodging such as protest preparedness, administration of Narcan, and handgun policies & procedures. In particular, a spirited debate took place as to the pros and cons of administration of Narcan in the case of opioid overdoses of both guests and employees, including a discussion on the extent of protection provided by Good Samaritan laws. The panel reflected how important it is for the industry to continue to work with legal counsel to find the best practices and solutions for the significant safety risks that it faces every day.


May 15, 2024