Partner Yvette Davis is a co-panelist during ALFA International’s webinar, “The Lost Art of Damages.”


Picasso painted portraits in a realist style where paintings of family members were almost like photographs. However, later in his career his portraits were painted in an abstract style and images of individuals were unrecognizable. Likewise with employment and professional liability claims, we start with the principle that damages are to restore the claimant back to where they were before the harassment, discrimination, etc., occurred. Unfortunately, plaintiffs’ attorneys blackboard recoverable damages that are unrecognizable and often do not reflect reality.

This session will focus on the reality of what damages can be recovered and why it matters. Too often the focus on liability leaves the analysis of damages as an afterthought. But understanding the abstract art of damages can be critical to mediation, setting budgets, reserves and how the litigation will be managed.

September 2020