Path of Life Mnistries – Backpack Challenge

As we continue the 80 Acts of Kindness Campaign for 2017, Haight’s Riverside office participated in a school drive backpack challenge which benefited the Path of Life Ministries. They were able to donate 27 backpacks and supplies for children at a homeless shelter who will be starting school next week.

“Path of Life Ministries is a non-profit organization based in the City of Riverside and is committed to serving the greater Riverside homeless population and the poor with the goal to rescue, restore, and rebuild lives in our community. The mission is to help people become productive in life by addressing barriers of dysfunction. One of the ways that they can accomplish this is by partnering with the community through local collaborative partners and support agencies. Some partnerships consist of a one-time donation, while other partners choose to maintain an ongoing relationship with our organization.”

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August 2017