Confidential Settlement – Claims of Professional Dental Negligence

Plaintiff, a 71 year old women, had implants on teeth #7 and #10 and a bridge made for the space between in 2018 after shopping dentists for the lowest price. Plaintiff had filed a complaint against a prior dentist to the Board. Plaintiff claimed that she required the implants to be removed and replaced but failed to have the work completed. A Motion for Summary Judgment was filed and heard in December 2020. A four page tentative ruling demonstrated the close consideration of the defense arguments that the plaintiff’s expert’s opposing declaration was insufficient and based solely on speculation and conjecture. The Court ultimately denied the MSJ and, given the uncertainty of the Courts, the January 2021 trial date was continued by the Court to May 2022. The matter sat dormant despite efforts to engage plaintiff in settlement discussions. Shortly before expert designation, plaintiff agreed to resolve the matter for a nominal amount.

March 2022