Tale from the Legal World Evolution Committee & North American Membership Committee – ALFA International Annual Business Meeting, Chicago, IL

ALFA International
Annual Business Meeting
October 25-27, 2023
Chicago, IL

Partner Peter Dubrawski will be speaking during ALFA International’s annual business meeting on October 26. His session is entitled, “Tale from the Legal World Evolution Committee & North American Membership Committee.”

Program Description

The legal world is changing. Firm mergers are occurring at a consistent pace and firms are opening satellite offices to accommodate client needs. How does this affect ALFAI and the member firms? How can we ensure the network stays strong and relevant with quality member firms that clients want, while also remaining true to the ALFAI model of territory exclusivity? ALFAI leadership addressed this concern by forming a Legal World Evolution sub-set of the Strategic Planning Committee, and their feedback will be shared during this presentation. These challenges are also top of mind for the North American Membership Committee as they work to fill vacancies in important U.S. jurisdictions, while balancing the changing legal world. How can member firms continue to build their business while still being trustworthy ALFAI members? Let’s talk about it and find a solution that strengthens ALFAI members and the network.