COVID-19 Update from Haight to Clients & Friends

Dear Clients & Friends,

Since 1937, Haight Brown & Bonesteel has provided exceptional service to its clients. We consider you members of our extended family and we value you highly. Working together we have no doubt that all of us will be able to weather this storm – and rest assured we will be here to help navigate the new environment with you.

As COVID-19 continues to develop on an uncertain trajectory, we wanted you to know that we have taken steps to maintain the well-being of our entire staff as well as our clients, guests and the surrounding communities where we practice and that we are fully equipped to work remotely as all of us have been doing for the past several weeks. We will continue to provide legal services as we always have – focusing on continuity with quality, value, and commitment to our clients. All of our attorneys continue to be reachable at their existing email addresses and phone numbers and are readily available to you during this “stay-at-home” period.

We wish you good health and extend our best wishes to you and your families, friends, and staff.

Best regards,

Chris Stouder
Managing Partner