Using Haight’s iComp Calculator


Opening the App takes the user to the Advice page. Read this to understand the limits of liability and legal rights and obligations of using the App. Press Continue to move past the Advice page.

The App then displays three tabs at the top, “PD”, “TTD” and “DBD”. To work on temporary total disability questions, tap the “TTD” tab. This provides access to two fields. In the first field, “Date of Injury,” input the month and year of injury using the month and year spinner that becomes accessible with a tap inside the field. The calculator will work for any date of injury from January 1983 through the present. Once the month and year of the injury are input, tap the “Weekly Wages” field and input the actual weekly earnings on which temporary disability will be paid. Once the wages are input in the field, touch “Go”. The results will reveal the minimum and maximum compensation rate for the date of injury and will calculate the temporary total disability (TTD) rate for the weekly wage input.

The date of injury or the weekly wage may be changed without effecting the other field. Only one field must be changed to calculate the compensation rate for two or more dates of injury in which the average weekly wage hasn’t changed. Further, once the date of injury and the average weekly wage are input under the “TTD” tab, these data will carry over for the calculations to be made for working with permanent disability (PD) questions.

Touch the “PD” tab to work on permanent disability. The “Date of Injury” and “Compensation Rate” fields will be pre-populated, if the data was input in the TTD calculator. To change a field, just touch the field. Touch the “P.D. Percent” field and input the percentage of permanent disability to be calculated. Then touch Go. The weeks of PD payment and the total value of the PD will be shown for dates of injury from January 1983 through the present. If the P.D. percentage is 70% or greater, pressing “Go” will also calculate the life pension rate.

Press the “DBD” tab to access the days between dates tool. This spreadsheet will calculate the number of days and weeks between any two dates and determine the dollar value of that period for a given weekly payment rate. Further, multiple periods may be calculated on the same sheet and these will be summed on the fly. So, it is easy to calculate the sum of several broken periods of compensation payable at different rates.

To operate this tool, touch the “Start Date”. A date spinner will appear at the bottom. Select the beginning date and touch the “End Date” field. Again, the spinner will appear to allow selection of the second date. Remember, the tool calculates the number of days between two dates, exclusive of the beginning date. Input the day before the first date needed in the calculation to make the result inclusive of both dates shown. To calculate the value of the period, tap “Weekly Rate” field and input any dollar value payable on a weekly basis. The value of that rate for the period of time selected will show in the “Period Total” column. Up to 8 periods may be calculated and summed in one work sheet.

February 10, 2015