William Ireland Quoted in Wall Street Journal: Beverly Hills Loses Bid to Keep Venoco on Drill Site

A Bankruptcy Judge turned down Beverly Hills’ bid for an injunction to force energy producer Venoco LLC to decommission an oil and gas drilling facility it has operated on the campus of Beverly Hills High School since 1995.

Judge Kevin Gross wrote that Beverly Hills seeking court orders to force Venoco to stay on the site wasn’t justified, as long as money damages would be sufficient to cover the harm to the city and school district. He also said the city could take over the task of shuttering Venoco’s drilling operation, and wait in line with other creditors awaiting payment in the company’s bankruptcy case.

Partner with Haight, Brown & Bonesteel and Beverly Hills Unified School District lawyer William Ireland noted the school district is considering its options. “We do not think the court considered the full impact on the school district in reaching its conclusions and seemingly discounted the effect of orders from California regulators and the city,” Ireland said.

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May 31, 2017