Peter Dubrawski Featured in Law360’s Rainmaker Q&A Series

Law firm rainmakers sometimes keep the secret to their success hidden, rainmaker Peter Dubrawski is featured in Law360 offering advice on building a book of business.

Dubrawski does extensive research on the company and its legal issues in order to best determine what the client needs. By figuring out what problems clients face, Dubrawski is able to better tailor solutions, as well as build rapport. After learning a client’s business, it is important for attorneys to establish good communication. Listing responsiveness as an essential rainmaking skill, Dubrawski said, “You want clients to know you are available, responsive and willing to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to help them when they need you.”

When it comes to aspiring rainmakers, Dubrawski recommends that young attorneys network to develop meaningful relationships. He gives a personal anecdote about how getting to know a client evolved into him becoming the face of the firm for the client. “They became friends of mine. The firm now has at least four other clients by virtue of those friends going to other companies. It is about patience and developing the relationships,” said Dubrawski.